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2011: Music Will Dominate Mobile Content

According to a new report issued by market intelligence firm iSuppli, premium mobile content providers and aggregators earned $7.7 billion of the total $16.3 billion mobile content market in 2006--mobile operators raked in $4.4 billion from content, while content enablement platform providers claimed the remaining $4.2 billion.

iSuppli forecasts the overall mobile content market will grow to $35.3 billion by 2011, $19.3 billion of which will line the pockets of providers and aggregators--the report adds that full-track downloads, ringtones and related music services will account for nearly half of all content revenues.

"Bringing content to a handset is a very complex and fragmented process with an assortment of partners and ever-changing proportions of on-deck and off-portal transactions," said iSuppli, principal analyst for multimedia content, services and infrastructure Frank Dickson in a prepared statement.

"In some instances, players in the value chain will be partners and in some instances, they will be competitors. However, we will see a more simplified ecosystem in the future as companies such as Amdocs, Nokia, Real Networks and Sybase have led a wave of acquisitions in the space that measures in the billions of dollars. Furthermore, the acquisition wave seems to be intensifying."

iSuppli’s new report, entitled, Mobile Content Enablement Platforms: Software Platforms Monetize and Deliver Mobile Music, Games and Video, covers the worldwide market for mobile content enablement platforms. The research contains five-year worldwide forecasts of global market revenue for video, music, gaming and images. The report also presents market share in these areas for mobile operators, content providers and content-enablement companies.

The report provides a further breakdown of revenue share for the content-enablement companies by revenue share of music including ringtone, ringtune, ringback, over-the-air full music track download, streaming music revenue by region. The report also contains profiles of major mobile content enablement platform companies and trends and predictions for the industry.

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