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Obama Dominates Mobile Web Searches

  • Posted: Tuesday, June 10, 2008
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By Jason Ankeny

"Barack Obama" is the most searched term on mobile according to mobile solutions and services provider Crisp Wireless' first Crisp Wireless Index, a new quarterly barometer which tracks consumer activity across select publisher sites within the Crisp Network. Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Obama outpaced rival Hillary Rodham Clinton by 2012 percent according to Crisp--among other top search terms dominating the CWI, "Heath Ledger" was fourth, "Britney Spears" sixth, "Sex" eighth and "American Idol" 10th. (Clinton came in at number 14.)

In addition, the CWI indicates that 53 percent of web traffic is driven by on-deck carrier portals, with the AT&T portal accounting for 29.5 percent of that traffic, followed by Sprint/Nextel with 13 percent and Verizon Wireless with 12.5 percent. Search engines generate 7.5 percent of traffic, with the remaining 39.5 percent deriving from users who type in URLs, use bookmarks or access sites via text links. Categories drawing the highest percentages of visits per unique user: Women's Lifestyle (3.6 visits), Youth (2.8 visits) and Television & Entertainment (2.7 visits). [FierceMobileContent]

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