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Orb Unlocks iPhone, iPod Touch From iTunes

Orb Networks announced that you can now play your PC music collection on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch without having to sync with iTunes. Responding to a user study that found repeated syncing of the iPhone to a PC to be 'a pain in the ass,' Orb enables users to play their PC music on their iPhone or iPod touch from anyplace they have a wireless Internet connection, right away.

"Wait, so, no more syncing? Just hit play?" asked Allison Logue, 18-year-old iPod owner from Fallbrook, California. "That's like having an iPod the size of your PC hard drive."

Here's how it works: install the free Orb application on the Windows PC where you have your music. Then go to the free service at: from the native Safari browser on your iPhone or iPod touch to play what you want right from your PC.

"What kind of robot always decides ahead-of-time what songs they're going to be in the mood for when they're away from their PC?" asked Joe Costello, CEO of Orb Networks. "Don't sync some. Stream all."

Orb also enables you to send your friends text messages with links to your PC music.

"With Orb, you can rock the inbox of your friends' iPhones... and any other phone with a Web connection and streaming media player," said Ian McCarthy, VP of Product Marketing at Orb. "Don't just text about the music. Share the experience of the music." [ABI Research]

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