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Motorola Launched Motorizr Z8 - "Media Monster"

Motorola CEO, Ed Zander, announced that the company has already released a few handsets, including one that plays video at 30 frames per second. Zander also explained the business opportunity for selling movies stored on mini 2GB SD cards that can be played on video-enabled handsets.

Zander said, "We are going to show a device next week (15/4)...It is a media monster." It's worth noting that the Motorizr Z8, which the company unveiled at 3GSM earlier in the year, plays video at 30 frames per second.

While the company plans on launching the device in Europe, where 3G networks are already in place, the SD loaded movies would work well in the U.S. as well. Zander said Motorola, a global leader in wireless communications, is currently working with another company to deliver movies on SD cards. Zander previously mentioned the upcoming mobile device debut when he was speaking at the company's shareholder meeting earlier in the week.

Of course, nothing he said isn't possible already. If you can compress a typical standard definition movie into the 4.7GB provided by a single-layer DVD, you can squeeze a lower resolution version onto a 2GB SD card. Equipping a handset with a decent LCD isn't exactly a breakthrough either.

Motorizr Z8 features Motorola’s first ever “kick slider,” a graceful mechanism that achieves a “fit-to-face” profile by gliding open in a curve to match the contour of your face.

With high-speed connectivity via HSDPA, and a multimedia feature set that includes a brilliant 16 million colour 35x50mm QVGA full screen display, Motorizr Z8 boasts video playback speeds of up to 30 frames per second. In addition to its 90MB of internal memory, the device also supports expandable memory up to 4GB using MicroSD, enough space for full length movies, hours of music or tons of pictures.

“Motorizr Z8 is yet another example of how Motorola is redefining the mobile experience for consumers,” said Ron Garriques, president of Motorola Mobile Devices. “By introducing, for the first time ever, true high-definition mobile multimedia, and once more reinventing the form factor, we are delivering on our ‘no compromises’ approach to leading this industry by uniting cool design and cool experiences.”

The handset also features Stereo Bluetooth wireless technology as well as a built-in music player and a 2MP digital camera with dedicated side camera key, while the onboard video and audio system records in mpeg 4 and 3gp (for MMS) completing the handset’s imaging package.

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