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iPad as Versatile Content Device

  • Posted: Monday, March 29, 2010
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Many potential users willing to pay for content

The launch of the iPad has advertisers and publishers excited about the possibilities of presenting their content on a bigger, shinier iPhone but also wondering whether consumers will warm to a device that defies easy categorization.

According to data from comScore, consumers are well aware of Apple’s tablet, with just as many saying they have heard of the iPad as Amazon’s Kindle. The iPad beat out all other e-readers when it came to purchase intent.

That could be because Internet users are also turned on to the fact that iPads are more versatile devices that can do much more than present black-and-white text. Asked what they would do with an iPad if they had one, respondents were more likely to think of Web browsing, e-mail and listening to music than reading.

Relatively few respondents said they would download apps for the device. However, the larger screen size of the iPad would make for easier traditional Web browsing, possibly alleviating some of the need for native apps.

With or without apps, many Internet users told comScore they would pony up for content specially formatted for e-readers, including 68% of 25- to 34-year-olds and 59% of 35- to 44-year-olds. Owners of iPhones or iPod touches were more likely than average to say they would pay for newspaper and magazine content on e-readers, at 52% versus 22%.

“The tablet and e-reader market is developing at a breakneck pace right now, and Apple’s entry into the market is sure to accelerate mainstream consumer adoption,” said Serge Matta, comScore executive vice president, in a statement. “These devices have the potential to be incredibly disruptive to the way consumers currently access digital content.

“Our research suggests that not only will a variety of markets be impacted by the introduction of these devices but also that there are substantial opportunities for those in the digital content ecosystem,” Mr. Matta said. [eMarketer]

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