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Windows Mobile 7 to Emphasize Social Networking?

  • Posted: Wednesday, September 23, 2009
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By Jason Ankeny

A new Microsoft job posting discovered by MobileTechWorld suggests the software giant's forthcoming Windows Mobile 7 operating system will focus squarely on social networking integration. The posting to the microsoft-entertainment-jobs/com website reads in part "'Social Networks' and ‘Mobile Phones' are two rapidly evolving socio-cultural phenomena that deeply impact the way in which people interact with each other.

How would you like to be at the confluence of these phenomena--not as an observer but as someone who is defining the course? The Windows Mobile 7 Communications group is building experiences on the phone that present your content--friends, pictures, messages, events--to you in immersive and engaging ways. Our vision is to bring social networks to life. For example imagine seeing all the newsfeeds from all the networks you care about in a single hub on the phone. Or imagine the phone instantly telling you what your friend is doing and where he is when you get a call from him... Our aim is to build a ‘Mobile Social Platform' that provides rich APIs to both internal and external applications and to not only enable but also inspire them to build compelling social experiences."

The Microsoft posting, which seeks a senior program manager to oversee development of the social networking platform, adds there are "several" Windows Mobile 7 teams developing social experiences. "The vision of WM7 and especially the Communications team is ambitious. We are not building yet another cool phone; but one that is truly personal and relevant. Yes--the competition is stiff; but it's exceeded only by our desire to win." Microsoft is expected to launch WinMo 7 sometime in 2010. [FierceMobileContent]

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