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APNIC Supports Internet Traffic Diagnostics in Asia Pacific Region

  • Posted: Monday, September 21, 2009
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  • Author: pradhana
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The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) is extending itsefforts to facilitate network investment in the Asia Pacific bydeploying Test Traffic Measurement (TTM) servers at various sitesthroughout the region in collaboration with local hosts.

The TTM project analyzes the Internet connectivity between a test siteand other parts of the Internet. These measurements provide thenecessary data for connectivity providers and decision makers to makelong-term plans for future network development.

There is a strong demand for this information in the rapidly-developingAsia Pacific region, which is currently experiencing the world's fastestrate of Internet development and expansion.

TTM utilizes dedicated measurement devices physically installed at thetest sites to comprehensively and continuously measure key Internetconnectivity parameters. This enables the diagnosis of problemsinvolving external networks and the detection of long-term trends inexternal connectivity.

TTM measurements include one way delays between hosts (latency), packetlosses, path information (traceroute), bandwidth, and delay variation(jitter). Summary data will be available to all interested parties, andwill include customizable stat istical analyses.

The data can be utilized to justify and plan long-term networkinfrastructure projects. This is especially useful for emerging regions that may be experiencing substandard connectivity todevelop the cheapest and most effective plans for improvement.

TTM data can also be used to enhance the efficient and cost-effectiveuse of local Internet resources by reducing the unnecessary flow ofnetwork traffic offshore.

Each TTM test box consists of a PC and a GPS antenna, which receiveshighly accurate time information from the GPS constellation. This timeinformation will be made available to everyone through the Network TimeProtocol (NTP) and is invaluable for a variety of time-sensitiveapplications, such as security and law enforcement, which require highlyaccurate time information for logging and auditing.

This service will significantly increase the number of openly availableNTP servers in the Asia Pacific region.APNIC is providing the funding and equipment to local hosts, such asCybernet in Pakistan, deploying 12 TTM nodes in a variety of locationsacross the Asia Pacific region.

"APNIC's support of the TTM project means that the Asia Pacific isbetter placed to monitor Internet performance. TTM data allows ISPs toidentify faults in their network, ensuring that network development andinvestment builds capacity where it is most needed. The data is global, so ISPs from other regions can also use it to improve connectivity intothe AP region, something I frequently hear is badly needed." –APNICDirector General, Paul Wilson.

"At Cybernet, we are extremely happy to be collaborating with APNIC todeploy the TTM service on our networks. APNIC's valuable support isallowing us to run the service and share the data with other Pakistan ISPs and network researchers. Finding out more about our networkconnectivity within Pakistan and abroad will help us plan the mostuseful upgrades, saving costs to our customers. We hope that other ISPsin this region can benefit similarly from our data." Shahid A. Khan, CEO- Cybernet. /PR

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