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Forecasts: Fixed Broadband Subscriber Growth to Remain Robust, Growing 7% Annually

  • Posted: Wednesday, February 04, 2009
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High speed Internet access and new technologies are progressively dominating industrialized economies. An increasing number of operators are beginning to devote themselves to the ‘triple-play’ option, offering high value packages comprising voice, video, and data, with the hope of increasing their subscriber values through higher penetration rates and revenues.

In this latest update to ABI Research’s new broadband subscribers’ market data, overall broadband subscriber growth profiles will continue to grow 7% annually over the next six years to reach 520 million subscribers globally in 2014.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. ABI Research industry analyst Serene Fong observes that, “While DSL carriers have made substantial gains in the last few years, mature broadband markets have started witnessing near-saturation in their broadband penetration.

Technologically advanced nations such as Denmark, South Korea and Japan are already experiencing declines in DSL take rates as more users are favoring the speedier fiber option.” Moreover, rapidly declining prices as a result of stiff competition also catalyze growth of faster bandwidth solutions.

More positively, Fong also trusts that, “Fixed line DSL technology will continue to remain the premier broadband platform, driving uptake globally especially in developing nations. This is because operators are able to piggyback on existing telecommunications infrastructure to keep their costs stable and price it more affordably to the widest subscriber pool”. [ABI Research]

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