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ABI Research Survey: 79% of Respondents View Netbooks as “Secondary” Devices

  • Posted: Monday, February 02, 2009
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In November 2008 ABI Research carried out a survey of more than 1000 adult consumers in the United States, aimed at identifying their attitudes to netbooks and mobile Internet devices (MIDs). The results are summarized in a Research Brief that provides critical insights into consumer perceptions of these products

Among many other results, the research found that only 11% would use a netbook as their primary computer, while a massive 79% view netbooks as a secondary device to be used in addition to a laptop or desktop computer.

Netbooks are smaller, so they’re not as easy to use or as powerful as a PC or a laptop, and generally don’t include built-in CD or DVD drives. However, the flip side is that the smaller size and weight of netbooks makes them much easier to tote around the home or on-the-go.

According to principal analyst Philip Solis, “While their low price does cause some consumers to view netbooks as a replacement for a laptop given the current economic conditions, the majority view a netbook as being a secondary device.”

“Even as a device that is secondary to the PC, this has to cut into the laptop market somewhat. When considering another laptop as an additional device mostly for browsing the web and using other Internet-based communications applications, consumers will find netbooks to be an appropriate alternative.”

This Research Brief, “US Consumer Interest in Netbooks" addresses consumers’ levels of interest in purchasing these devices, expected usage patterns, preferred applications, size and form factor, operating systems, affordability, and more. Each survey result is accompanied by concise interpretations of its significance. [ABI Research]

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