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Microsoft Updates Live Search Mobile

By Jason Ankeny

Microsoft announced an update to its Live Search Mobile application for Windows Mobile-based devices, promising a series of new features that make it easier for users to find local businesses and receive maps and directions via mobile device. The Live Search Mobile upgrade includes:

LocateMe: A location-based feature that offers users their approximate location, even without a GPS-enabled device. Users may instantly search the area around their current location as well as view a map of the immediate area.

Query Autosuggest: During search query entry, the Live Search client will suggest completed queries from partial input.

Bird's Eye View Imagery: Aerial imagery of select urban areas from a natural angle.
Mixed Query: Business names entered as a location in the search field will still yield a search result, regardless of the user's default location.

The Live Search Mobile revamp follows a week after Microsoft announced a significant new mobile search partnership with Verizon Wireless. Per terms of the five-year agreement, Microsoft will provide portal, local and Internet search as well as mobile advertising services on Verizon devices--the partnership goes into effect during the first half of 2009, when Microsoft Live Search will launch as the default search service on new Verizon Wireless feature phones and smartphones. [FierceMobileContent]

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