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MySpace Open Platform Debuts

  • Posted: Friday, December 12, 2008
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By Jason Ankeny

Social networking giant MySpace announced the introduction of the MySpace Open Platform, a suite of identity management products including the MySpace Application Platform, MySpaceID and Post-To MySpace. In addition, the company said it has extended its collaboration with international telecoms giant Vodafone to improve the MySpace user experience across the mobile platform.

According to MySpace, the new open strategy promises to forge a more social web--new global partners for MySpaceID (formerly Data Availability), which enables global users to maintain control over their personal and portable social identity in the online environment, expand the reach of the MySpace user experience to partners like AOL, Flixster and Netvibes. With MySpaceID, users can connect their profile data to any partner site, find their friends on partner sites, register with partners via their MySpace URL, publish activities from partner sites to their MySpace profiles and vice versa.

In addition, MySpaceID support for Google Friend Connect allows any website to provide its own social networking features. MySpace notes that Google Friend Connect also bolsters the reach of MySpaceID to better complement the long tail of the developer community.As for mobile, the introduction of MySpaceID enables Vodafone subscribers worldwide to connect to their MySpace account to share their personal details, interests and content as well as connect with friends.

As of Sept. 30, Vodafone boasts roughly 280 million subscribers across 27 countries and five continents. [FierceMobileCpntent]

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