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Rural Subscribers to Benefit From Communications Roll Out in IndoChina

  • Posted: Saturday, November 29, 2008
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Nokia Siemens Networks to help Viettel Telecom undertake network expansion across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

Viettel Telecom, one of Vietnam’s leading mobile service providers, will use Nokia Siemens Networks’ Flexi Base Station for part of its network expansion across Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Viettel’s extraordinary performance since entering the market in 2004, as the fourth GSM provider, is in no small part due to its capacity for rapid roll out of networks and services. Its investment in the award winning Flexi Base Stations will enable the operator to retain this advantage.

“Key to Viettel’s leadership strategy in the Vietnamese telecom market is expansion across rural areas, in line with its growth in other regions; and in a competitive market, its success will depend on how fast and cost effectively it is able to do so. Our pioneering Flexi Base Stations are ideal for rapid network expansion for any operator in such a scenario. We are very pleased to have this opportunity to work with Viettel, now one of the most dynamic operators in the region,” said Ricky Corker, Head of Subregion Asia North, Nokia Siemens Networks Vietnam.

The Nokia Siemens Networks Flexi Base Station is the industry’s smallest and most efficient multi technology base station, with a unique design and architecture. It is an innovative offering which is modular and easy to deploy in varied geographical environments, is cost effective, and can be upgraded to 3G assuring a good quality of service for consumers while also ensuring the solution’s future-readiness. In addition, the solution allows operators to deploy software features to optimize the use of radio access for wireless communications.

Another important benefit of the Flexi Base Station technology is that while lowering operating and capital costs for operators, it also enables environmentally friendly network operations. Thanks to the small size of Flexi Base Station, operators can achieve up to 70% reduction in their site energy consumption, also due to the fact that the weather-proof solution doesn’t require air conditioning even in hot climate.

Moreover, the number of base station sites needed is minimized. The Viettel networks will be managed by the Nokia Siemens Networks network and service management solution, NetAct, which provides holistic, real-time visibility to the entire network and ability to react to the faults immediately, as well as capability to forecast and optimize network and end-user behavior, thus helping to improve customer experience.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ relationship with Viettel Telecom started in 2007, when the company deployed a cost-efficient mobile softswitching solution for the operator. This is Nokia Siemens Networks’ first GSM Base Station deal with Viettel, and as such is a significant entry for the company in Vietnam. /PR

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