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Samsung Integrates Shazam Music Discovery App

By Jason Ankeny

Mobile music discovery provider Shazam Entertainment announced a partnership with Samsung to embed its song identification application into Samsung devices including the latest Beat b M3510 and the Beat s M3200.

The Shazam app enables users to identify music from any audio source by holding their mobiles to the song for a few seconds--after pinpointing the track in question, Shazam offers premium downloads via the operator's dedicated music store. T-Mobile is the first operator to integrate its music storefront with Samsung's new music phones.

Last week, Shazam Entertainment announced its free iPhone application has been downloaded by more than 1.5 million users in the first six weeks since its debut on Apple's App Store. The iPhone app also enables users to screen related videos on YouTube as well as tag identified tracks with photos and share memories with friends.

According to Shazam, iPhone owners have identified 20 million tracks in the last two months. Shazam was also featured in a recent FierceDeveloper web exclusive feature spotlighting five free iPhone applications you should download. [FierceMobileContent]

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