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cellity Communicator Enhances Google’s New Android-powered G1 Phone

  • Posted: Friday, October 17, 2008
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  • Author: pradhana
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Free software turns Google’s smartphone into a mobile communications center

Google’s G1 Android Phone, for which 1.5 million pre-orders have apparently been made, will go on sale in the US for the first time on October 22. As was the case with the iPhone, mobile Web-based applications are a key feature with the search-engine giant’s first smartphone on the Android platform.

Before sales start for the Android-powered G1, as one of the leading suppliers of mobile communications applications, cellity ( optimized its cellity Communicator for the Google cellphone and by doing so expanded features available for smartphone mobile communication. In addition to significantly less expensive voicemail, text messaging, and email functions, the address book can be automatically updated and backed up using the cellity Communicator.

cellity will unveil yet another key innovation in the area of contact data management when Google cellphone G1 hits the UK market.

“Because the sources of new contacts is constantly changing, managing contact data is becoming an ever greater challenge not only for smartphone users who use cellphone applications very extensively, but also for other cellphone owners,” explains Benjamin Körber, VP Operations at cellity AG. “With the new addressbook 2.0 G1 owners can automatically synchronize all contact details from Outlook, their cellphone, social networks and many other sources, and in this way have access to constantly updated information about their communications partners at any time, no matter where they are.”

cellity’s award winning cellphone software has already been downloaded more than 5.5 million times.

The cellity Communicator at a glance

  • Combined mobile email, freeSMS, SMS, groupCALL, worldCALL, remoteCALL, Twitter and the new addressbook 2.0 (available November 2008) in a fast and graphically appealing solution
  • freeSMS: Send and receive text messages free anywhere in the world.
  • groupCALL: Easily make conference calls at competitive rates on your cell phone
  • worldCALL: Make international calls at low prices from anywhere in the world
  • Tweeter: cellity’s twitter software for your cellphone
  • Multi-platform enabled: runs on WAP, on the Web, the iPhone and as a mobile application on all Java-capable cellphones and the Android G1 smartphone.

Overview of the new cellity addressbook 2.0 application (available November 2008)

  • Automatic synchronization and updating of contact data from a cellphone, Outlook, social networks, and Twitter platforms .
  • Automatic sorting of frequent contacts: The most important contacts are always easily accessible
  • Backup copy: contact data can be recovered at any time by using this option
  • Sending a message using various communication channels
  • All important communications channels (SMS, freeSMS, email, phone conferencing, Twitter) can be used directly from addressbook 2.0
  • An intelligent search utility
  • Users are independent of any particular service provider or network (free transfer of all data is always possible) . PR

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