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Enterprises Will Drive Wireless Broadband Growth

  • Posted: Saturday, September 20, 2008
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By Peggy Albright

Senza Fili Consulting forecasts enterprise markets will have a welcome and significant impact on wireless broadband growth. The research firm said enterprises are finally ready to adopt vertical applications that require wireless data connectivity, such as machine-to-machine communications, in-vehicle telematics and mobile workforce products.

A new report from the research firm says that by 2014, vertical market applications will use more than 154 million connections on 3G, WiMAX or LTE networks, generating more than $43 billion in service revenues, and that vertical services will reach 24 percent of WiMAX subscriptions and 14 percent of LTE subscriptions. While the enterprise market is a potentially lucrative one, however, it is challenging to serve, and operators will need to prepare well to give these customers the attention and performance they will demand, the firm cautions.

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