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Vodafone UK Launches New Music Experience

Vodafone UK has launched "VodafoneMusic" a new, simple way to allow customers to discover and buy music anytime and anyplace.

With VodafoneMusic, customers can preview songs they've never heard before for free or download their favourite tracks straight to their mobile and immediately play them through the music player on their phone. Already included on selected Vodafonelive! handsets, and available to download via Vodafonelive! on others, it is fully integrated with the Vodafonelive! Music Shop, powered by RealNetworks.

Vodafonecustomers will now be able to buy and download songs and albums using the new user- friendly interface, which has been developed, with its innovative features, to provide the ultimate mobile experience for music lovers.

The key to VodafoneMusic's simplicity is its enhanced visual library, which allows users to browse for tracks using the "Smart" search option. Consumers need not waste time inserting the full name of the artist, track or album to find what they are looking for - the search will bring up the options automatically for total ease of use.

The search option also allows customers to try before they buy' and listen to free 30 second previews of songs with no obligation to purchase - something that will come as music to customers' ears. Users will also be able to search for and purchase album art as well as being able to browse the latest charts for new releases, top downloads and local sales charts.

Music fans who have recently bought a new handset can use the "Activate My Phone" feature within the menu, which allows them access to all their existing and previously purchased music from Vodafonelive! completely free of charge, providing them with an easy and stress free way of retrieving all their downloaded tracks.

Key features of VodafoneMusic:

User friendly visual library - search by track, artist, album or genre to find what you are looking for quickly and simply View album art and preview songs before buying Improved charts including new releases, top downloads and local sales charts Previous customers with a new handset can use the "Activate My Phone" option to gain access to and retrieve all previous downloads at no extra cost All downloaded music can be played in the music player on the phone

Shopping and Previews:
Singles and albums cost on average GBP0.99 and GBP7.99 respectively
Browsing the music store is free of charge

VodafoneMusic is currently available on 11 handsets:
SonyEricsson: W910, W890 ,W880, W850, V640, V630, K850, K800, K770, K610 and Nokia: N73 VodafoneMusic is downloadable from Vodafonelive! free of charge

"With VodafoneMusic, customers will be able to make the most of the VodafoneMusic store as well as gaining an entirely new musical experience on their phones," says Tom McLennan Head of Music, VodafoneUK. "Our commitment to music and our handset technology allows for the ultimate user experience coupled with great value for money."

VodafoneMusic has been developed by VodafoneUKand RealNetworks with customer input from the outset to ensure ease of use and complete user satisfaction. [FierceWireless]

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