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Mobile Internet Users Crave Access to Extra Mobile Services

BuzzCity (, a provider of global wireless communities and consumer services, today revealed the results of worldwide research conducted with users on their portal, myGamma. The research examines which products and services will best meet the needs and interests of myGamma members over the next twelve months.

By surveying members' current spending patterns and upcoming life milestones, BuzzCity hopes to arm mobile web developers and advertisers with the information to design relevant WAP sites as well as products, services and promotional offers that appeal to mobile internet users.

Wireless consumers are eager to access new services via the mobile internet. From m-commerce to mobile banking, respondents seem keen to explore all available options, but are often unaware that particular services exist. For example, more than half of the survey respondents (51%) say they would use their mobile phones for financial services, if such services were available in their country, and one-third would like to be able to transfer money.

KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity, states: "Consumers want to make payments with their mobiles but many are not yet aware that these services exist. Signs point to a need for marketers to share more product-related information on the mobile internet."


More than half of those surveyed have made electronic purchases, with one in five having purchased items via mobile phone. Books, downloads and virtual gifts are the most popular items purchased. Items for online gaming are also in demand, as are other digital products such as movies and music. This suggests that myGamma users are becoming very comfortable with the digital lifestyle. Twelve per cent of users also express a significant interest in buying movie and travel tickets via mobile.

Mobile services

Money transfers and remittances are in high demand, with 37 per cent of those surveyed requesting access to these services. A further group of respondents would like to use their mobiles for enhanced banking services such as share trading and foreign exchange. Consumers would also consider using their mobile phones for day-to-day services such as ordering groceries, paying café or restaurant bills, and paying parking fees. One in ten respondents also wants more services from their telco carriers, with a number of respondents with pre-paid cards requesting top-up services via mobile.

The Future

As mobile internet usage continues to grow, insights from the survey point to a future where consumer demand for practical services will drive the uptake of m-commerce.

KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity, states: "Consumers want more news, information and search capability via the mobile internet. There is definite demand for more content and not just entertainment content. Users want access to practical information, such as classified ads for jobs or property."

KF Lai continues: "The future of m-commerce paints a rosy picture. The number of survey respondents that have made electronic purchases augurs well for m-commerce and e-commerce as it suggests the presence of a reliable logistics framework and the inherent consumer trust needed to make it all work, as well as the required enabling tools and technology." [FierceWireless]

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