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Japan Ramps Up Mobile Web Security

By Jason Ankeny

Japanese mobile content providers agreed to institute a series of safeguards to protect young consumers after authorities ignored details of a mass-murder plot posted to the mobile web. Content providers this week agreed to a list of 22 criteria that would allow brands to label their mobile websites suitable for minors--sites wishing to adopt the seal of approval must closely monitor user posts and report suspicious messages to authorities.

The knee-jerk reaction follows a recent spate of bad publicity across Japan as a segment of users have turned to the mobile web to arrange group suicides or announce their plans to commit crimes--last month, 25-year-old Tomohiro Kato killed seven people and injured 10 others by swerving his truck into a crowded pedestrian area and then stabbing random passers-by, a tragedy he foreshadowed in a series of web messages.

Authorities were roundly criticized for failing to spot Kato's warnings, with the Japanese government agreeing to research new technologies designed to filter similar web messages. [FierceMobileContent]

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