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Amimon, Sony, and Samsung: Strange Wireless Video Bedfellows?

Amimon Inc. has taken a huge step forward by driving formation of a new industry group around its wireless video technology, WHDI. Surprisingly, they have brought along Sony and Samsung who are promoters of the other wireless video group called WirelessHD.

Journalists and other representatives of the media are invited to contact ABI Research to learn more about this significant development and to discuss its implications with Principal Analyst, Consumer Video Technologies, Steve Wilson.The WirelessHD consortium is based on SiBeam's 60GHz technology which is nearly ready for prime time, but hasn't quite made it to market yet. Amimon is already shipping its 5GHz-based video modem technology to several customers.

"Is another format war in the making?" asks Wilson. "Why would the same companies promote both standards?"

ABI Research has very recently released a study of wireless video home networking technologies. "Wireless Video Cable Replacement Market and Technologies" provides an in-depth analysis of these competing technologies and companies as well as an outlook for the adoption of these devices in the marketplace.

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