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Chrysler Turns Cars Into WiFi Hotspots

By Sue Marek

Soon motorists will be able to check email and surf the Web without finding a local Starbucks or Internet cafe. Beginning in August, automaker Chysler is going to outfit cars with a dealer-installed system called UConnect Web that turns vehicles into WiFi hotspots. The system will be offered in most 2009 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeap vehicles. The in-vehicle wireless router will cost $449, plus installation of up to $50. Mobile Web access will cost about $29 per month after a $35 activation fee. Service will be provided by Autonet Mobile.

The UConnect Web device, which will be hidden within the car, will work only when there is a key in the ignition. It will use a cellular 3G network and promises download speeds between 600 and 800 kbps with upload speeds of 200 kbps. [FierceWireless]

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uconnectweb said:

Awesome! I've been keenly interested in this new emerging technology since I've first watched it on foxnews channel. I'm seeing a great potential for this technology which can probably drive Chrysler's sales for 2009. Also, I'm predicting this will be the trend and most other car companies will follow suit and would not dare leave themselves behind on this.

I'm carefully watching the developments from here on and I've actually started a blog dedicated to this as well. It is uconnectwebsite.

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