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Nokia Promises N-Gage Transfers in the Pipeline

  • Posted: Sunday, May 25, 2008
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Nokia announced that N-Gage subscribers will be now able to transfer premium games from one mobile device to another, squashing a controversy that erupted across the blogosphere earlier this week.

Fan website All About N-Gage first reported that Nokia's licensing terms stated that premium N-Gage games could only be played on one phone--the handset giant later confirmed that titles are indeed non-transferable, with each game sent with an activation code tied to a phone's unique IMEI number. Users were outraged, but Nokia is now reversing course, with Nokia Scandinavia communications manager Oskar Södergren telling IDG News Service that a transfer mechanism is in the works.

"Internally there have been some mixed messages in this matter as well," Södergren said. "We have been working on a way for this to work since the relaunch, but it is taking some time for everything to fall into place." He declined to offer details on when the transfer solution will debut, or why it has not yet hit the market. [FierceMobileContent]

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