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New Sony Ericsson Tech Combines Java and Flash

  • Posted: Wednesday, May 07, 2008
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Device maker Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications announced Project Capuchin, a new technology that promises to bridge the Adobe Flash Lite and Java ME development platforms in an effort to stimulate creation of content-rich mobile applications.

According to Sony Ericsson, Project Capuchin enables developers to bring together attributes of both software stacks to create rich-media applications with the functionality, security and content distribution capabilities of Java as well as the user-interface efficiency of Flash. Project Capuchin enables encapsulation of pure Flash Lite content in Java ME applications with the assistance of Sony Ericsson Developer World tools, making Adobe Flash-created content appear as Java ME applications.

Other advanced capabilities will allow Flash Lite to support an entire presentation layer and make it possible to develop Java ME applications in which some or even all UI components are defined in Flash. Sony Ericsson plans to release the Capuchin SDK in the second half of 2008. [FierceDeveloper]

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