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Swinxs, A Revolutionary Active Gaming Concept

  • Posted: Thursday, March 06, 2008
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  • Author: pradhana
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Here is Swinxs - a toy meant for kids. The toy seems as cute as the name it has been given. It is a talking computer coupled with RFID reader which would give children access to a number of pre loaded stories and games to keep them busy all day. It's an interactive toy since it also includes an RFID wrist bracelet which enables the kids to become a part of the game since the technology lets them interact with the machine.

Swinxs, a new and different game console designed for active outdoor games to be played with the whole family and friends, will be introduced in 2008, according to Eduard Zanen, CEO of Swinxs BV.

Mr. Zanen, who was the founder of Bugaboo strollers, commented, “Swinxs offers a lot of play value. It is specifically designed to stimulate creativity and learning, encourages social behavior and let’s kids be kids again, playing active games inside or in the great outdoors. I am convinced fun-loving active kids, and parents, will choose Swinxs for their active lifestyle.”

The Swinxs concept has 4 dimensions:

Swinxs - the game console. Swinxs talks, cheers and explains the games, it also referees and keeps score. Its durable design allows Swinxs to be used inside and outside of the house. It runs on a long-lasting battery to travel to the park, the beach, the garden or the playroom.

XS tags – cool collectible wristbands with microchips that communicate with Swinxs. Each player has his/her personal colored tag that starts games, retrieves player profiles and measures performance. – connect Swinxs to the computer through a USB cable to download new games and upload performance data. At players can issue challenges, share experiences and learn new tricks.

Games – are differentiated based on age and category. The game possibilities are endless and range from traditional games like hide & seek to, educational quizzes and adventure games. Games are downloadable for free at

Swinxs includes: The Swinxs console, 4 XS tags, USB cable, adapter (no batteries required) and many games designed for ages 4 and above. /PR

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Nice! Get your kids outside with this one.

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