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Wireless Innovation Alliance Formed to Push White-space Services

A coalition of technology companies, public-interest advocates, think tanks and higher education organizations launched an alliance - Wireless Innovation Alliance (WIA) - designed to work with the Federal Communications Commission and other policymakers to develop regulations that will enable the use of television "white space" for broadband services. White space is the unused spectrum that sits between airwaves licensed to television broadcasters.

The Wireless Innovation Alliance's 15 members include Google, Microsoft, HP and Dell. Those are the same names that have been involved with the While Space Coalition, which earlier this year delivered to the FCC two WiFi devices the group claimed operated in this spectrum without interfering with high-definition TV. However, the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology found through preliminary trials of the prototypes that "the transmitter in the prototype device is capable of causing interference to TV broadcasting and wireless microphones."

Last week the coalition delivered to the FCC a WiFi device that the group says can operate in this unlicensed spectrum without interfering with high-definition TV. The prototype, built by Microsoft, will undergo months of testing. The FCC received more than 700 comments on whether it should allow personal and portable devices in this potentially unlicensed white space. Many comments came from licensed spectrum holders such as broadcasters, cable operators and mobile operators who opposed the idea because of interference concerns -- or more like competitive concerns.

"Our effort is about seizing a golden technological opportunity to deploy robust broadband, spur innovation, and maintain America's leadership in the global innovation economy," said Rhett Dawson, CEO, Information Technology Industry Coalition. "We all firmly believe that the FCC's liberation of vacant spectrum will promote greater broadband connectivity and foster the development of innovative new wireless devices and technologies for all Americans."

Google recently presented results of an "initial phase of ongoing trials" around white space technology it says demonstrates digital televisions and wireless services can exist side-by-side without interference. [FierceBroadbandWireless]

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