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In-Car Video Devices Based on MPH In-Band Mobile DTV Debut

In a move expected to accelerate the rollout of mobile digital television (DTV), Kenwood USA Corporation has become the first major manufacturer of automotive electronics to develop a truly mobile DTV receiver for over-the-air broadcasts in North America.

Kenwood has created prototype terrestrial DTV receivers based on the MPH in-band mobile DTV system, developed by Harris Corporation, LG Electronics and LG's U.S. R&D subsidiary, Zenith. Prototype in-car Kenwood MPH receivers — designed to bring terrestrial broadcast digital TV to consumers on the go, particularly those in fast-moving vehicles — will be demonstrated publicly for the first time at the 2008 International CES in January.

MPH is capable of providing robust terrestrial DTV signals to mobile, pedestrian and handheld devices. For consumers, MPH enables users to view their favorite broadcast TV programs, including movies and sports, and access local news and weather information. For DTV broadcasters, this new technology has the potential to create lucrative new revenue streams.

ATSC digital television — which was optimized for transmission to fixed receivers — will be the only broadcast television in the United States after February 2009 when analog broadcasting ceases. MPH represents a significant upgrade to ATSC, allowing excellent DTV reception performance in cars, even at highway speeds.

Kenwood's MPH DTV development effort builds on the company's aftermarket and more than 30 OEM relationships. In addition to its leadership role in successfully field- testing HD Radio (terrestrial digital broadcast radio tests with Harris and National Public Radio) and developing the first commercially available HD Radio and multicast receivers, Kenwood's Digital Broadcast Group has supported development of other mobile video technologies in Europe and Asia.

"At Kenwood, we have been watching the emerging market for mobile terrestrial DTV with great interest," said Shoichiro Eguchi, president, Kenwood USA Corporation. "With technologies like MPH paving the way, the in-car DTV market will be enormous. We are pleased to work with Harris, LG and Zenith on this breakthrough technology."

"MPH field tests show that ATSC-compatible mobile DTV works well. The next phase is to measure consumer interest. That's where various manufacturers will play a crucial role, and Kenwood's contributions to this effort are noteworthy," says LG Electronics President and Chief Technology Officer Dr. H.G. Lee.

"Kenwood's technological prowess and market strength in mobile electronics lend further credibility to the MPH system," said Tim Thorsteinson, president, Harris Broadcast Communications. "We look forward to jointly demonstrating mobile DTV on Kenwood MPH receivers." [WirelessIQ]

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