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Casual Gaming Continues to Lead on Mobile

Subscribers still perceive mobile as a casual gaming platform in spite of publishers' best efforts to roll out more advanced titles and features, according to a report issued by research firm Parks Associates.

In "The New Frontier: Portable and Mobile Gaming," Parks Associates reports that while fewer than 10 percent of Internet gamers wish to play core or console-centric games on a mobile device, 55 percent expressed interest in playing puzzle and card games on mobile, and more than 30 percent want word and arcade games.

At the same time, more than 30 percent of respondents interested in portable gaming are interested in playing sports and action/adventure games, with 29 percent interested in driving/flying games and 27 percent calling for first-person shooter titles.

"New 3D and multiplayer mobile games look great in demos, but casual games are where the money is and will be for the next few years," said Parks Associates broadband and gaming director Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai in a prepared statement. "Portable game players will maintain strong growth momentum because they provide an experience yet to be matched by mobile phones. Next-generation players will likely include mobile broadband, which would enhance their value proposition."

New research from entertainment analyst firm Understanding & Solutions reveals a stronger growth rate in mobile gaming than in console and handheld markets, albeit coming from a smaller market share. This places mobile in second position behind the online games market.

“Global revenues from mobile gaming are pegged at $3.6Bn this year,” says Understanding & Solutions Analyst, David Rouse, “and we predict this figure to rise to $6.0bn by 2011. Although not seen as the killer application for mobile, games are increasingly important as the market continues to see major growth.” [FierceWireless]

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