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3 Turns on Non Stop Music Service

British operator 3 announced the launch of Non Stop Music, a new service delivering unlimited access to genre-based music streams ranging from dance to classic rock for 49 pence (about $1) per 24-hour cycle. Developed in conjunction with Ericsson, Non Stop Music promises eight different channels, each on a four-hour loop--3 subscribers may toggle between the stations as often as they like during each 24-hour window. New music is updated each week.

The Non Stop Music service aims to offer customers the best possible streaming mobile music experience. Non Stop Music is like having your own radio station; you can choose which type of music you want to listen to, when you want to listen to it. By clicking on the icon of the station you want, you'll be able to jump straight into the music.

Each station is on a 4 hour loop, and the new music will be updated every single week. You have the ability to switch between the stations as often as you like, all included in the 49p for 24 hours fee. The Non Stop music service was developed in partnership with Ericsson under its managed services agreement with 3.

John Penberthy-Smith, Marketing Director, 3 UK said, 'At 3 we thrive on providing our customers with the most innovative and exciting services on demand for the best price. The new 24 hour streaming will I'm sure be hugely popular with our customers. Our other music services such as MusicStore and dual downloads have set the pace for the market.' [FierceWireless]

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