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When the Only Phone Is Mobile

Landlines aren't dead... yet.

Over half of US adults who only use a mobile phone are younger than 30, according to a Harris Interactive study conducted between October and December 2006. In fact, a third of 18-to-29-year-olds use only a mobile phone or the Internet for their calls.

Over eight in 10 US adults said they had a landline phone, and over three-quarters said they had a mobile phone. About one in six used the Internet (VoIP). Only 2% said they did not have phone service at all.

About six in 10 US adults used multiple approaches to making telephone calls. Just less than one in five used only a landline phone, 11% used only their cellphone and 2% used only VoIP.

Mobile-phone-only users tended to be male and better educated, but less affluent than the general adult population.

The mobile-only population is important, because US mobile customers are starting to use their handsets for more than simply talking. Text messaging has taken off in the US, with nearly 90% of those responding to a November 2006 ROI Research survey commissioned by Bluestreak saying they had started to text.

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