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Mobile Users Believe iPhone Better Than The Current Mobile

  • Posted: Friday, June 01, 2007
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According to research from analyst house Strategy Analytics, 90 per cent of mobile users said they believe the forthcoming iPhone will be better than the mobile they currently have.

The research also found more than 40 per cent of individuals rate the iPhone much better across key functional categories - including music player, web browsing, voicemail and phone call management than their own phone.

It's unclear how consumers have made their value judgement given that, to date, only a handful of Apple execs have been given an iPhone handset to use. The device itself is yet to be released to the public and no firm launch date has been set beyond the company saying it will appear in June.

Consumers aren't happy with every aspect of the iPhone, however. Strategy Analytics found they balk at the cost - the phone will be sold at two price points, $499 for a 4GB device and $599 for an 8GB version.

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