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Smartphones Turn Global With JAJAH Mobile Web

  • Posted: Thursday, February 08, 2007
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Innovative Service Enables Smartphone Customers to Make Free Global Calls Without a Global Plan. Simple One-Click, Browser-Based Service Was Designed With Smartphones in Mind.

JAJAH announced today an innovative service designed for mobile, global professionals. With JAJAH Mobile Web, consumers can now make free or low-cost calls directly from their smartphones with a single click on their browsers, and without an international phone plan. To get the service, go to

Many mobile, global professionals seek simple communication tools and use smartphones -- BlackBerries, Treos, Windows Mobile or Symbian-based phones, and soon, the Apple iPhone. Early beta testers praised the service for its elegant interface and ease-of-use.

"The smartphone is the perfect vehicle for this kind of solution," said JAJAH co-founder Roman Scharf. "Smartphone users are mobile and many are global, but unable to make international calls directly without purchasing a global plan, particularly in the U.S. The plans are costly, inconvenient, and the costs of calls under those plans are unattractive. JAJAH makes all of this go away by making smartphones smarter."

How It Works
To get JAJAH Mobile Web, smartphone customers simply register themselves at To activate the service they simply enter into their phone's browser. There is no download. There is only a URL, which when clicked, loads your personal JAJAH Mobile Web page. JAJAH Mobile Web effectively turns the customer's address book names and numbers into web links. By clicking on them, the customer signals the JAJAH server to make the call.

More than 1 million people around the globe have already registered with JAJAH, a service that provides consumers with a Web-activated solution without the restraints of hardware, software or downloads. This latest breakthrough from JAJAH is consistent with the company's ongoing mission to break down the barriers that prevent consumers from getting the best rates, and that prevent businesspeople from getting their jobs done.

"It could not be simpler to make a cheap global call from a cell phone," said Scharf. "JAJAH does all the hard work behind the scenes, and lets you use the smart interface of your phone to easily and quickly connect with your contacts."

Not only will consumers be able to make global calls without a costly global plan, the international rates that JAJAH provides are also superior. As a point of comparison, a call to London via JAJAH Mobile Web costs 3 cents a minute. A mobile call to London under a typical plan in the U.S. costs 34 cents a minute -- 11 times as much. [ABI Research]

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